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Deep Tissue Sports Male Massage

This is a deeper, invigorating massage especially for those who take part in sporting activities. If you workout in the gym, do aerobic exercise, cycle, play football, rugby or tennis or do any kind of physical sport, then you will greatly benefit from a sports massage. It is designed to prepare you for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to improve range of movement in joints, to improve muscle flexibility, to shorten recovery time between workouts and to prevent injuries. Techniques include Swedish strokes, deep tissue, pressure-point work and joint mobilisation.

This type of massage also lends itself to being more focused on a problem area. For example in the case of a runner, the focus will be on the muscles of the legs and buttocks as well as mobilisation of the ankle, knee and hip joints.

It is also good for people who do little or no exercise! If you suffer from tension in the neck or shoulders, or have aches and pains in the back, legs or buttocks, then a deep tissue massage will encourage release of muscular tension.

Try a deep tissue G5 mechanical massage which is excellent for treating muscular aches and pains. It aids in maintaining muscle tone, relaxes tight muscles to flush out lactic acid build-up, improves circulation and increases flexibility. You might want to focus the massage on a particular problem area so that combining the G5 mechanical massage with the manual massage you can obtain the optimal results. 

Remember you can always transform your Deep Tissue Male Massage into a Sensual Erotic or Tantric Male Massage experience.

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